UFO Sighting in Mount Pleasant, Michigan on April 18th 2014 – Fiance and I fishing on a small lake which we commonly do when a Knight Rider them the moon came directly out of nowhere headed towards the earth and came to an abrupt stop making a pulsating sound that we could see an almost feel

While this incident took place over a year ago I am on reporting it now because of watching recent things on TV, and due to the fact that it has continued to bother my fiance and I quite a bit sense. I wanted to report this when it happened But she persuaded me not to,For one I am friends with the sheriff and a little league coach in our community! Although we did tell some relatives. First I would like to say that I am NOT in any way some person looking for attention or some UFO person that might make things up, I never believed in too much of it although have been open to the idea of other life but what we seen that night could (NOT) and was not either from this world or a technology that we are unaware of. My fiance and I were fishing one night on a small lake in Central Michigan around 3 am in the morning, and no we we were not drinking (yet) it was a completely beautiful evening with not a single cloud in the sky we had just launched the boat and had just made our first cast when I just seem to be lucky or unlucky when I was looking up at the stars out of nowhere it seemed as if this light that came out of a black hole if I could describe it that way and it was brighter than anything I’ve ever seen I then went to scream to my fiance but at the same time she was screaming back to me do you see this it was coming straight down and getting brighter and brighter and bigger and bigger when it started making a pulsating sound that we could almost feel kind of like a woomp woomp woomp sound, when coming to a stop.It stayed stationary for about 2 seconds,then a different sound was made and it shot off to the west I would say covering a 100 miles or so within a second then it stopped again and came back the exact same path at the same speed, my fiance at that point screamed and dropped her phone because she was trying to record.it then made another sound almost directly above us got really really bright again and then ascended almost immediately out of sight! I do give my word that everything I have stated is 100% the truth nor is exaggerated I consider myself to be an intelligent man and can differentiate things that go in a straight line that others might perceive as a UFO this was in no way meteor asteroid nor was it anything man made as far as I know militarily speaking. Just decided to make this Report now to get it our my chest. I do not have any mental disorders nor does my fiance we know what we saw that evening and unfortunately now can not Drive walk outside go fishing or do anything at night without staring at the sky,lol well thanks for reading sincerely and truthfully Shawn Vanhoose and Jackylin Chamberlin

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