UFO Sighting in San Pedro, on November 11th 2015 – Took a picture over the ocean and it appeared on the snapshot

Sun came up from behind a dark bank of thick clouds. Sun was reflecting off of the water. I took a picture. At the time I did not see the object due to the bright relection off of the water. the picture shows a bright object between myself and the dark clouds. I enlarged the picture and bright lightss on the surface appeared. I had taken 2 pictures a few seconds apart. The second picture shows the object had ascended some and the pattern of lights had changed. I was shocked when I saw the detail of the object. Due to the brightness of the relection of the sun on the water I did not directly observe the object. I noticed it first on the two photos I took. there was nothing else between me and the dark cloud bank except the ocean. The pictures are on my phone which I can not attach to this report.

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