UFO Sighting in staten island, New York on November 8th 2015 – metorite?

was star watching and saw what apeared to be a shooting star that was the first one it came in from atmosphere glow yellow gold maybe orange like a fire ball so i thought i saw a merotorite the night in question there was a merorite shower I would leave it at that but the second one i saw did not act like a merorite

THE SECOND ONe CAME IN LIKE A MERORITE in my sight it looked like it went a 1/2 inch to a inch then turn 90 degrees went about 2-3 inches and made anther 90 degree turn almost like a 2/3 of a triangle in the sky after i saw this i watch for anther 1/2 an hour and nothing also when i closed my eyes i could still see this image on my eye lids now im am not saying anything here but what i saw who knows maybe i have the beginning of a brain tumor like in the movie phonamion you know with john trovlota I will draw u guys a pic the hole even was about 90 seconds or two minutes but the acuale sighting of these lets call them metorites was about 1/2 second each but between the two of them i would say it was 2 minutes I have to say I never saw a metorite change direction never the less two times and look like 2/3 of a tringle in the sky it kinda looked like a camera that got that move on a light it kinda of reminden me of an ech a skech in the sky guess im losing it but its what i saw

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