UFO Sighting in Bellingham, Massachusetts on November 17th 2015 – Witnessed a bright red/orange diamond shaped object that hovered for several minutes then gained altitude to near orbital after changing shape and blinking

I would like to reference that there was a minor earthquake (2.5 on Richter scale) at 8:15 PM EST approx. 2.5 km to the east of my residence before I witnessed this.

Approx. 1 hour later at 9:18 PM EST I was out walking my dog on Stone St. in Bellingham, MA. I was looking up for shooting stars and I saw a very bright red/orange diamond shaped object approx 20 degrees above the western horizon. I thought it might have been a shooting star, but it hovered (not moving at all) for around 5 minutes, emitting no sound. I opened a Sky Map app on my phone, and in that direction there was only Neptune, which this was obviously not.

I was wearing a head lamp and looking up at the object and then it started to move. I kept my eyes on it and it start to climb very quickly and moved to a very high altitude (possibly sub orbital)and was no longer a red/orange diamond, but was now blinking, resembling a satellite or a plane of some sort. I watched and followed it as it moved into the high southern sky, when it disappeared before my eyes.

I was curious, but not nervous when I saw this object, as I have never witnessed anything I could not explain before. I researched if there were any satellite launches at that time, but I found none (there was a Russian launch, but it was at 1:34 AM EST earlier the same day.)

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