UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on November 7th 2015 – outside of my friends house when something made me look up at the sky and I noticed a silver metallic ball heading south at a high speed

I was at my friends house in Canoga Park, we had just got back from hiking at Stoney Point Park in Chatsworth. I was absorbing the Commercial and Cessna Planes pass by and a few small clouds, I was hoping to see something. When I noticed a silver ball heading south in a straight path at a high speed, way faster than the Commercial Plane that had passed by earlier. I watched as it pass us and I asked my friend if he can see it but he could not see it. I was excited to see a UFO over the San Fernando Valley, I have seen UFO’s over the East Los Angeles and Bell Gardens area. So I texted my friend in East Los Angeles to tell him what I had just witnessed and he told me that “SECRET MILITARY OPERATIONS TO DIVERT LAX PLANES FOR A WEEK”. I lost track of it as it got further south in the direction towards the beach.

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