UFO Sighting in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on November 2nd 2015 – 3 bright blue orbs, 2 of the 3 connected going south in space in the same path into what appeared as a star cluster

I had forgotten the event and taking the pictures as my mother had passed away a few hours earlier This was a couple weeks ago. When I transferred my camera pictures to my computer yesterday I was surprised to see what I had forgotten about.. Here’s what happened.. It was about 4 hours after my mom had died and I couldn’t sleep.. So I went into my dining area and stared out my patio door into the dark moonless nite. After about a half hour I noticed what looked like blue lines in space going south at a slow pace. I know they were going south as the stars behind them were going from east to west because of the earth’s rotation. Curious about what I was looking at I grabbed my binoculars and a camera. I took one picture in the general direction not really being able to see the blue lines on my camera view finder. I started looking thru my binoculars and was surprised to see the two brightest blue orbs were connected with a blue haze in between making it look like a line in space with the naked eye. I have no way to judge how large what appeared to look like a tube was, but it was far out in space and had to be huge. I captured that image on my camera as well as the other blue orb that was far to the left looking like a bell shaped object and going in the same southernly direction, On my pictures most everything looks black except the blue orbs. When the pictures are enlarged with the slide in the lower right corner, everything comes into focus as I have described, with pulling the images to the center of the picture even the stars behind start to show and without a heavy pixilation, the clarity is there. I have one other picture that I thought was weird that these orbs went towards and into. I kept watching thru my binoculars as the blue orbs went farther south towards what looked like a real faint almost round cluster of stars. The blue orbs didn’t slow as they got close but seemed to go into the star cluster with the bright blue orbs disappearing as soon as the last one was in. They didn’t appear to come out the other side if they were just passing thru. I snapped a picture of this really faint round star like cluster right after the orbs disappeared. I have this picture too although you have to really look to see the round cluster in the blackness of the lower part of picture when it is enlarged. With all theory I have heard about over the years about time travel and worm holes, I can not help but to believe that was what I saw happen with those blue orbs going into a worm hole. The first picture I took in the general direction without looking thru my binoculars captured a strange image in space that when enlarged becomes heavily pixilated earlier while looking strangle like the side profile of the space shuttle. I am baffled by that image. I can’t believe I forgot about what I saw so quickly after I opened my pictures up yesterday and enlarged the blackness to see what I saw then. I guess I was just exhausted with being with my mom the last 10 days before she passed. I tried loading the pictures on twice for scrutinization but couldn’t do just the specific pictures only–it wants to take all my files and I won’t do that. I can e-mail these photos to anyone with a direct email address who would like to see them. You have my email address.

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