UFO Sighting in Tacoma, Washington on September 2nd 2015 – It seemed to follow me, very loud jet like with pulsating. Seem to use and blend with clouds to conceal its presence.

This happened on the Puyallup Reservation close to the Emerald Queen Casino. Heard a strange sound coming from the sky. Sounded odd which is why it caught my attention, and it was very loud and close by, probably not more than a mile away. There seems to be 3 distinctly different objects that were travelling close together. One of the objects was cylindercle with what appears to be strange markings on it and the other 2 were disc like. I have had even closer encounters with the cylindercle object before. Also have had previous strange encounters with various other beings. I have an image of one being that appeared or projected its image to me. I have more images of different beings. Some seem to be trying to communicate with me. I have knowledge of where some of these entities/ beings are coming from. Ive seen some of their structures and have learned a little about how their structures function. I don’t think many of them want me to share what I know and have learned about them. As they have made many of my best photo unacces sible.

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