Black Triangle Sighting in Pune, Maharashtra on November 19th 2015 – it was triangular object with lights around the two corners, My wife and i witnessed

I was travelling on my two wheeler with my wife planning to go to a shopping mall. i heard the sound so i kind of slow down my speed and then my wife pointed out towards the UFO, i saw it too it was quite bigger than an plane and i know what plane could look like at such distance, i could figure out the edges and it was not flying it was kind of hovering and travelling i can say. Covering the corners there were yellow lights in trail and there were two such corners. i have not seen a plane moving the way this object was, i was amazed as well as emotional at same point because i felt like a great burden has been removed from my chest. my wife started shouting what an object it is, i did try to record it however seems it did not appear, i have the video though in which its just me and my wife shouting at the background and you will see the dark sky, lights from the craft were not reaching to my camera. i tried following it up with my vehicle however once it went behind a building after that i did not see the object i think it flew away or was out of my eyesight. I have a video and probably by altering lights we might be able to see something in it with light effects.
i have attached the drawing which i am 85% sure what i saw.

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