UFO Sighting in Berlin, Berlin on July 6th 2015 – My Girlfriend, my buddy and i saw 2 glowing objects without any noise standing in the air for a few seconds and disappears to fast to track them again.From on object i made a photo.

Hello, at first of all i want to apologize for my bad english, but i hope you can understand everything i write down here.

Happening Time 6th of July 21.49 europe time.

My Girlfriend, my buddy, and me talking about an creative project, with an dark sky as background.(around 17 a clock)

In the later stages of the evening i took my camera around 21.45 and shoot some testshoot, from the sky with my camera, just to checkout what iso value would be the best and what type of F and stuff like this.

Then i took another testshoot, from the sky and put down the camera from my eyes to checkout the photo,then i look forward to the sky, and saw this red, glowing ball in front of me.( i was to perplexed to think about the distance of it.)

At first i thougt it could be a helicopter or something like this, but the object still stand for at least 10 seconds or more, and it doesn’t make any noise, i call my buddy to have a look at this, but only 3 to 5 seconds later the object still fly away in such an high speed that we couldn’t track it again.
It change the direction so fast that it couldn’t be an flight plane .

I mean it comes in 5 seconds, at the time were i shoot a simple photo stands there and is faster far away than it comes .

So my friend and i take a look at the photo, and discussing about it what it could be !

I didn’t saw any light streak in real, and on the photo you also can’t see any of this, no lightcone, or flashing lights, like a plane would have.

We stand for more than 5 minutes of the balcony.
And look in the sky with the hope to see another on of this object��s (whatever it was )

After 5 minutes of waiting another object is fly on us with an white dazzling light, but after a few seconds it disappear.

It comes without any noise and flight path, and goes without it, exactly like the first sighting but this time with an white light.
Like someone has beamed it there.

My girlfriend, my buddy & i we all are convinced that this must be “ufo��s” just because, 2 unidentified objects, with out any noise and without any flightpath,coming faster as there staying.
And leaving with an higher speed so fast that we haven’t a chance to see it again.

Im very happy that i had the chance to saw this in my life, and to share this with you thank you for attention !

I upload the normal photo how i shoot the object, as .jpg and as full quality picutre in .dng
so that you can see there is nothing edited or something else.

Also i upload the photo edited with black and white that you can see how bright it shine.

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