UFO Sighting in Corona, California on November 14th 2015 – Six rounded arrowhead-shaped craft flying in V formation over So California. Light green flourecent in color. Silent.

Saturday night, November 14th, 2015 at 6:16PM PST I returned home from shopping. Home is just east of Corona, CA. It was very clear out that night so before going inside I decided to scan the skies for any activity. This was something I’ve been in the habit of doing many times a week since November of 2011 when I had my first UFO sighting. I’ve had quite a few over the past 4 years. Never the same object, different hours of the day and both day and night, all of them from the driveway of my home. I’m convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that this area, for whatever reason, is a UFO hotspot.
Standing in my driveway facing north I was looking up and slightly east in the area surrounding the Cassiopeia constellation. There always seems to be activity in that general area. But even knowing this I wasn’t expecting what came next.
From the east came a V formation of light green, sort of flourecent, lights. One leading, with two on the south side, and three on the north. The last of the three on the north side was slightly trailing the others throwing the formation off a bit. They were flying at a moderately fast pace from east to west and I was able to get a good look at them for probably four seconds. Being that they weren’t brightly lit I lost them in the darkness as opposed to them flying behind an obstruction. There was also a moment where my brain was trying to convince me that what I was seeing was a flock of birds. This thought kicked in as soon as I percieved no sound from the group as they passed overhead. But I dismissed that notion quickly as I recalled the rounded off arrowhead shape of the matching crafts and the distance that they covered in the four seconds. I figured it was probably close to two miles which converts to approximately 1800 mph. Unfortunately, I had no reference to help me determine their correct altitude. But the V formation was probably slightly smaller than my palm when I extend my arm. I do believe they were flying in our atmosphere, rather than distant space.
I immediately noted the time of the sighting. I stayed outside for a few more minutes before going inside and checking the internet for similar sightings. But as of right now, 5 days later, no matches. I’m hoping that someone who may have experienced these same crafts will feel more inclined to share their experience if they see someone has posted before them. Many times, fear of ridicule is an unfortunate by-product of these types of experiences. Post your experience, everyone. It’s important that you do so.

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