Black Triangle Sighting in Marriottsville, Maryland on November 19th 2015 – Low flying craft shaped like a plane but not a plane size larger than 747 approx

I left for work and traveling 30 mph down a wooded road when I saw a large aircraft above the treetops to my right side of my truck to in front of me moving slow motion. A few cars in front of me at a short distance and no one behind me. I should have pulled over & took a picture with my cell phone!

The last time in my life I saw something of the magnitude & shape was a Stealth craft In S.A. during Desert Storm!

What caught my attention with alarm was it was quite unusual to see so many lights outlining the wing structure- maybe like a boomerang shape with a solid center because that’s the area I saw a red pulse-like flashing light-similar to what you’d see on our airplanes. The white lights were bright not dull.

That morning before I left my house already felt quiet, a bit strange, unsettling so to speak.

The 1st thing I thought to myself was “what the hell is that!” I was waiting for a beam of light to appear then I would have panicked. At a glance I thought it was an airplane flying low towards BWI but our planes don’t have wings lined with white lights. Our planes have lights on wing-tips. I did see a red pulsed light underbelly as one would see on an aircraft but again, our planes have a few not just one.

The weather was drizzling lightly but visibility was clear, no fog ~A craft flying that low would be loud and produce noise-sound waves, I heard none. No other objects or crafts seen. I see air traffic- normal planes all the time. This was certainly different.

Last night my oldest daughter, Kimberly Robeson said she too witnessed a similar situation the night before and too, filed this info with Mufon.

The question I have is who does one call in a situation like this? Abnormal craft that look of an unknown origin? It’s frightening! What do you do?

I have always been level-headed, well ground, alert and oriented healthcare professional. Weird stuff doesn’t come to me that often. But this left me a bit shaken inside. I am a believer too, that we are not alone in this universe. We are fools to believe otherwise~~

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