Top Three Conspiracy Videos of the Week 17th – 23rd May on

These are the top three most viewed posts on in week 17th – 23rd May 2015. Our first post on YouTube we hope you like it all together.

If you’d like to see the videos in full follow these links:

Video 1 – 5 Scariest Plane Photos 2983 Views

Video 2 – Ancient Faces on Mars 4345 Views

Video 3 – Evolution in Respect to Quantum Theory 6517 Views

All of the videos featured on our sites give the content creators the views and any adrevenue that is displayed on them. We are always looking for more channels and contributors to something that is now literally out of this world!

We are close to a 500’000 views in 2 months!

We love what we do especially UFOs, Aliens, Conspiracy Theories, False Flag News, Hoax Debunking and more…..

Stay tuned for weekly updates.

From the team.

We love you all x

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