UFO Sighting in Avalon, California on June 15th 1982 – Sailing with parents to Catalina Island from Newport Beach, sailing a 44′ Gulfstar [email protected] 8:00pm my mother and I saw a huge yellow object moving in the water under our boat @ 50′ below moving around 20 knots. Our boat was rocking back and forth from it.

My Step father and mother lived sailing in the 1980’s. He owned a construction company and made good money. We would rent a sailboat for the weekend and sail to Catalina here my Grandmother had a clothing store on the island. We sail over there many times. On a trip with the three of use we were sailing at night to the island. Around 8:00 pm my mother yells to my stepdad to look over the port side and asked what is that? I looked and saw a huge lighted object moving fast under the water. My mother was very scared and went below . My step father was asking me what that was? He was in the Navy for years and sailed all over the world and knows ships, subs. It lasted around 5 mins just going from obevsidevthen the next in a chriscross pattern .we sailed west moving away from it as it moved east . I never told anyone about this nor do we talk about it .
My step brother is in the Navy and worked on a LA class sub. We talked one night and he said just forget it and to not go there . I saw your show and had to write.

The object was 50′ in a circle and bright as more watts I have ever seen. I am electrician and work on lighting and this thing was bright and gave off heat.

My parents stopped sailing after that summer. I live less the 20 miles from the area and still
Think about it all the time. Very strange situation to be in.

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