UFO Sighting in Harrisville, Michigan on November 19th 2015 – Standing in my driveway looking over the trees towards Lake Huron. Above the tree line I spot two very bright streaks, one quickly tracking the other with a small break. Moved very quick.

We had just come home and we were unloading groceries. As usual I was staring up into the sky looking over the tree line towards Lake Huron. I live five minutes from the lake on foot, so very near. Above the tree line from the South appeared a very, very bright streak followed immediately by other one. They were almost attached. My first thought was it was the ISS but it was way to low and fast for any craft. It was present just long enough for me to yell look to the others and I started running North to track it. I believe it headed NorthEast out over Lake Huron or stayed near the shoreline. I would describe this light as a very long rectangle/streak with form with a very small crack then another identical long rectangle/streak with form. They were very, very bright orange/yellow. They were thin but large and long enough to take up at least one half of my sky vision at first appearance. I would also compare them to snow skis and how they move through the snow hard, fast and strong while being close together.

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