UFO Sighting in Livermore, California on October 11th 2004 – saw group of spheres flying horizontally in the air, while on lunch break in my parked car.

While on my lunch break inside my car in the company parking lot. I had just finished eating when i noticed in the sky in front of me, a jet airliner climbing straight up in my vantage point, spewing thick contrails. There were trees in front of me, but i can see in between them. Then i noticed on the left side(Altamont Hills) of my view a group of flying spheres just popped out. They were not in a cluster, but spread out going in a horizontal direction. It seemed like something was controlling them. Some were going faster like they were racing. Reminds me of horse racing.
I had a digital camera in the trunk, but I was so mesmerized, i did not have a chance to get it and snap some photos, regretably.
The color of these spheres were the same as the sky. If was not focused on that area of the sky i would have missed them. As they went to the right side of my view I can’t see the sky anymore due to the rows of trees on that side.

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