UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on November 20th 2015 – saw two lights flashing at the same time similiar to a plain when out of the blue they change one when ontop oif the other one makin a longer line then went next to each other and fell like those lightgs that swirl from fireworks. d

took place over the port of los angeles/wilmington/long beach

to lights that looked like regular airplain flashing light just pull away from each other and then form a line going down. when i finally paid attention there was this helicopter going around it kinda close and a second one also flying around from a safe distance.

once they did the line they went back next to each other then fell like sparks from a firework swirling down then dissapeared. a few minutes later again those lights came up but this time one of the light got right infront of the helicopter that was near and dissapeared. after that a tree was blocking my view but the sound of the helicopters were one for almost 2 hours.

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