UFO Sighting in Preston, on November 13th 2015 – Horse shoe shaped from the underneath with a tail gate like a helicopter but it wasn’t and last Friday witnessed a lovely light display and brought my daughter to witness the display

Can’t believe what I have blinking seen and all this paper work to fill in hope someone gets in touch while my mind and my daughters are still fresh think some one connects through my mind and body and have seen a lot and they show me what they can help us with to make the world a better place,I know I sound all godly but believe me it’s the truth and I know you will be the ones to help with more understanding as people who I speak to it about I think they get scared as I am a good person and you can check into my back ground and please take me serious as I have messaged a couple of radio stations and I think they got scared as well I am not scared and feel very highly honoured they choose me to connect to thanks for reading this who ever reads these web sites for your company they make me feel special and say I heel them Helen smith

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