1 craft 3 events*The Los Angeles, Kenneth Arnold and Roswell Connection.

So here I am… inside the rabbit’s hole and I sometimes go to places in which I know or were cut off in the past. In the astral life, you run across certain members of the world that know exactly what to do to keep you from entering. Some use crickets some use bats and some use cats and some even have astral assassins.

One particular place I use to go to was compromised for years ‘over 5 years to be exact‘, and what I found was startling.

Apparently, some big battle in los Angelos happened, a battle in which one of your military had an encounter with a flying triangle and apparently shot at the alien vehicle and apparently did damage.

This one triangle that had been damaged landed somewhere in Nevada for close to 2 years and than lifted off once again and landed in the mountains of Arizona.

In the year, 1947 a man by the name of Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine flying objects, etc etc June 24 1947 to be exact.
From what was said, the government had never seen as to what they called it a large fleet’ of UFOs that they had been following for close to 3 days.

When he told his story, and learned of the direction they were going, they sent all they had to find these objects.

When they found this so called fleet of UFOs, they had also found the triangle that was damaged in the early 40s. These 3 smaller size triangles, one in the front ,and 1 on each end in the back, had what was described as a greenish ,bluish, reddish light in what seemed like they was trying to lift the bigger one in the air with these beams of energy as they called it.

From what I found out, they watched them go from one ship to another, making repairs to the enormous Triangle space ship for weeks and out the blue, an inadvertent military helicopter entered as to what the military described as a safe zone.

When this helicopter entered the comfort zone they then tried several times to lift the enormous craft. It was said that when it finally lifted up the lights underneath the bigger triangle would flicker on and off.’ It was very clear that the repairs were not fully made as the 3 smaller ships had to still lift the enormous ship into the air.
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Rowell July 8

As they followed this transportation event, something happened to the smaller triangle that was in the front.

‘The funny looking light seemed to be shutting on and off just like the big ones lights at the bottom was shutting on and off’

From one of the many helicopters and jets that was following this event it was said that by binoculars from about a mile from a helicopter, they witnessed the smaller triangle that was in the front, was then seeing under the triangle as it got closer . They say that the triangle that was under the ship was dragged under the enormous triangle a very long way.

By the time, the military got to the area they could not see where the rest had gone and neither did the helicopters and planes that had been following as well.

‘From 1 of the pilots, it is said that when the explosion happened he got thrown off’

What ever happened in LosAngelos in the early 40s led to Kenneth Arnold and Roswell?

Its funny how this one ship shaped the course of three major events in one.

Therefore, to tell the world…what crashed at Roswell was a smaller version of the triangle space ship, and two aliens were recovered.

I always thought it was probe and even thought it was a flying saucer thing, in fact I never ever thought it was a such thing as middle size triangles.
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Greatest secret ever told copy written by iml527 for the future.

Going down the rabbit’s hole. I found out its five mother triangles around the world and from calculations with new technology, they have discovered 100 smaller triangles vehicles’ inside earth’s atmosphere…just sitting, all around the world.
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Greatest secret as to why they cant shot them down.

In the history of Russia or something dealing with Russia, A simple alien probe was shot down some where in Russia and when it crashed and exploded, it caused damage to the Forrest as if that of a nuclear blast.

From reports, that probes engine is 5 times smaller then a middle size triangle space ship and 15 times smaller then one of the mother ships.

From the words from one of the reports.

‘’They don’t need weapons, if we shot one of those things down, ‘that ship is the weapon’ three weapons at the bottom…if that thing crashes its like dropping 4 war heads on a state, and that’s one of them little small son of bitches’

‘And if one of those big ones crash to earth, its like 5 states east west north and south being obliterated’

It even went into a secret law stating that no country shall ever shot one of these crafts down unless hostile threat or over water hostile threat.
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Greatest secret ever told about the war…they have no defense when the engines are turned off, you have to catch them in cloak’

‘Cloaking cannot be turned on with defenses and engagement at the same time’
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Ps. either this information WAS EXTRACTED FROM AN ALIEN being tortured or just simply being Corporative
or some egg head figured all this out and put it together.

Greatest secret ever told copy written by iml 527.

They found out later on that they was trying to take this ship to what was said be the last strong hold they had left in the United States. That last strong hold was in Duice New Mexico.

‘Duice was a base used by these aliens for Ions inside the USA’

Greatest Question ever asked about Phil Snider and that day’

Why did they have guns with them in the first place?

I’m not going to say that PHIL and his team was the third team to go down there and i’m surly not going to say that Phil and his team were assassins…but why the guns?

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