UFO Intelligence Summary: “Subject: UFOs & Trains”

By Francis Ridge, 7 January 2015 (Updated: 16 January 2015)
Quote from the intelligence summary:
“My interest in trains and UFOs stems from at least four things:
1) I investigated the L&N train incident in 1973.
2) UFO sightings involving trains, especially close encounters, are rare.
3) Most modern train engines are diesel powered and there has been some interest in the fact that conventional engines of all types are affected by UFOs and diesels had not been.
4) And extremely interesting is the fact that ALL of the U.S.incidents happened in the midwest!

On 15 April 1897, a train (running at 65 km/h) going towards Quincy (Missouri) was outdistanced by a UFO, according to Ridge.

Map of Missouri (lib.utexas.edu)
(lib.utexas.edu image)

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