UFO Sighting in Thomson, Georgia on November 20th 2015 – 3 orange/white hovering lights, fading in and out, moving side to side and up and down. Lights stayed over an hour duration.

My boyfriend and I were in the back yard at around 11pm November 20, 2015 walking my dog, in Douglasville Ga. As we were walking we could neighboring dogs barking loudly and my dog standing at attention looking into the woodline. As we walked to a certain point in the yard facing west you could see an orange/yellow light, seaming to stay in place, through the trees. My boyfriend and I have taken hikes behind the house and know for a fact that there is nothing that could produce light in that direction, there isn’t anything back there for several miles. My dog started to freak out so we went inside and as we came inside and proceeded to lay in bed we heard coyotes howling louder and closer than usual, we opened the blinds in the bedroom and turned out the lights, we noticed that the original light was still in the approximate position as before but it was now fading in and out and would move from left to right. A few minutes later we noticed this v shaped flying craft with lights on and underneath, flying above the house, my boyfriend being ex military concluded that it was a stealth bomber, which after looking at night time photos I agree. After the stealth bomber flew over we noticed another light above and to the left of the original light seen. Both lights moving from side to side and up and down slowly. These light were about two miles from the back of the house. The objects didn’t make any noise, if they were helicopters we would have heard them from the distance the lights were located. Note that no lights are ever seen from behind the house because there are no residences or structures for several miles, and it’s a little too cold to be camping, and no legal to camp and on someone else’s property. A few minutes later another light appears to the right and below the original. We tried to find some form of logic such as helicopters but the lighting, and hovering patter and fading in and out just didn’t seem consistent. At around 12:07am the lights got brighter and seemed to be coming closer but instead followed each other to the north west and disappeared. At the time of them disappearing all animal noises seemed to stop. We aren’t sure what we saw but we can not make any since of it at all. And we are confused as to why a stealth bomber would be in the area.

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