Alien Encounter in Ayden, North Carolina on August 30th 2015 – I never saw a UFO. I believe I experienced an abduction event, but knew no where else to report it.

After reading from several sources that it was believed that aliens had the power to read a person’s mind. even with the person on the ground and the alien within the UFO miles above in the atmosphere. For about 30 minutes one afternoon, I stood out in the back yard of my residence and continually tried to project the thought that I believed that the aliens were there, but that I would like for them to make themselves viewable to me. After about 30 minutes with no noticeable results, I abandoned my efforts and went back inside. I wasn’t aware of experiencing anything different or unusual for the next two days, so I went back to the same spot outside in the back yard and spent close to an hour trying to project similar thoughts as I had done two days before, thinking that I couldn’t see anything in the sky, but would like for the aliens to make themselves visible to me. Maybe it was a crazy thing to do, but several times, I let them know that I wasn’t afraid and would like for them to visit me soon. I also told them that I had firearms nearby in my bedroom, but had no intentions of using them if they decided to visit. The hour passed, but nothing else really happened the rest of the afternoon. As a matter of fact, after all was over with, I came to the realization that I couldn’t recall anything specific that I had done the whole afternoon, evening and night…..nothing. It was as if I had a mental block of anything I did from the time I was walking back in from the back yard to about 2:30AM the following morning, when I groggily realized that my back was only inches from a fully closed and locked front door. It was a strange “awakening” as I immediately realized I didn’t slowly open my eyes such as I normally do when awakening in the mornings. It was just as if I merely became aware of my surroundings again and that I also seemed to be in mid step, walking away from the front door. In other words, it felt like I had just walked through the front door, became aware of my surroundings and was continuing to walk, not missing a step. I had no idea where I was when I fell asleep or lost consciousness. Over the next 24-36 hours I racked my mind, trying (unsuccessfully) to piece together information that had led up to the point I was standing with my back to the front door. There was just nothing there. While I don’t recall any events involving sighting a UFO, I honestly feel I underwent an abduction all the same. This was the only way I knew how to report it to someone.

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