UFO Sighting in Middleburg, Florida on November 20th 2015 – 10 orange orbs traveling SW over Middleburg, FL in a span of 45 minutes

At approximately 1935 on Friday 20Nov15 while sitting around a fire in my backyard in Middleburg, FL my father in law directed the attention of my wife, a friend of mine and I to the sky where we witnessed a glowing orange ball of light traveling west south west just south of jennings state forrest. The object appeared to be traveling around 130knts at approx 1500-3000ft. It was a clear cloudless night. We live 5 miles south of KVQQ (Cecil Field) and are on the ILS approach to 36R. There were 2 P-8 posiedons in the landing pattern practicing ILS approaches and we witnessed one coast guard dolphin helicopter in the east traveling northbound. I fly in the Navy’s P-8 Poseidon and have roughly 3000 hours in a P-3 Orion. I am also a licensed civilian private pilot. My friend/neighbor/coworker is also a 22 year active duty service member in the aviation field. We have never seen anything like this. We witness all types of military aircraft, drones and helicopters on a daily basis. This was neither, nor was it a missle in flight. It was not ballons given the speed they were traveling. The wind that night was variable at maybe 2-3 mph. This was nothing we have ever seen. After losing sight of the first orb to the WSW 2 more with a few hundred yards separation flew over in a similar flight path. Through the course of the next 20-30 minutes we witnessed a total of 10 UFOS flying all in the same general flight path with minimal deviations in altitude and range from our viewpoint. There was no sound emitting from any of the objects, no major course or speed changes and no pulsating of light or strobes seen. In the one picture you can clearly see the P8 on a 5 mile final inbound for landing with the object above it.

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