UFO Sighting in Oslo, Oslo on November 22nd 2015 – 70-80 UFOs over Oslo at day time (13:40) – Norway 22. Nov. 2015

I was taking a walk in Oslo city today, Sunday the 22nd, around 13:40. It was when I came to ‘Professor Dahls gate 23’ on the westside in Oslo, when something caught my eye by coincidence. I was seeing around 70-80 small UFOs, or orb-like objects, floating toward me, with an altitude that seemed to be around 300-400m. At first I thought it was something someone had sent up into the air, but as they got closer I noticed that the flight pattern was strange. They where not flying in any particular geometric formation, but were changing patterns in a way which seemed unnatural as I got a closer look at each one of them. They did not collide, but changed lanes smoothly, and flu across each other. At first, and most of the time, the UFOs was flying with a bit of space between them. They also appeared in a long trail, but when the UFOs had crossed me (5 minutes into the sighting of a total 7 minutes), the leading UFOs in the long trail started to slow down, and they where beginning to gather in a group in mid air! – The UFOs were not easily visual due to the small size (perhaps a little bigger then a basketball), white color, and a strong blending sun. There was also a few people (3-4-) walking by me as I was watching the UFOs and talking to my brother on the phone explaining what i saw. But the people walking by did not notice the objects floating pass us. I only managed to get one photo out of the observation.

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