Alien Encounter in Washington, District of Columbia on January 2nd 2015 – Alien or superhuman – his name is Stan C Petrov – Using serum affecting aging, have new type of phones and power sources.

In DC met with some friends and met this individual Stan C Petrov (they call him the inventor and he is the CTO of company called Inovatzia -not a secret ).
At first I didn’t notice anything unusual however after shaking his hand it felt cold as ice yet he didn’t appear in any distress, than we sat on the table and ordered food (he didn’t eat any of it ?! Not a single bite ).
As he was telling a story about the ancient thracians and their believes in immortality He got a phone call (his phone lid up, looked like apple but was light and had bit of gas or steam coming out of it). He said they “invent things” I asked him can I see it and he let me play with it -this thing was the lightest (iPhone like phone) – felt light and looked like it was made of gold/silver metal or metal like material?! He told me that he is “testing all sorts of materials ” well I can Say that –
This material was nothing like what I have ever seen or felt – the shine, and texture simply nothing to compare it with.
Next he showed some photos and videos to my friend. I also looked into the screen – incredible photos and videos of all sorts of microscopic organisms living on people however the colors details and resolution was nothing I have ever seen.
Further more there was photos and videos of all sorts of medical machines in various “trials” that truly looked like star trek sort of technology.
At some point my friend’s battery died and Stan pulled out a what appeared to be tiny rectangular thing with blue and red light coming out of it in pulses ? “Reactor of some sort?” In about 4-5 min my friend’s iPhone 5s went from dead to 40% – than Stan talked about that “too much ampers we don’t want to fry your battery” this device was not like a battery, but looked like mini radiator and as it started charging its surface got sort of wet and than icy.

Afterwatds me and my friend went to my house there my friend shared with me that Stan has likely saved his life “I was really sick Stan was introduced to me by a friend.” ” I got his contact info and met him.”
“After listening to me he said that he can’t help me since he is simply a medical student. He was really nice and knowledgable as well as supportive. I befriended him …. at some point
he talked about some thing making some sort of serum…. ”
My friend further shared that “Im not proud of this but I borrowed some …. without him knowing and I swear I believe it helped” , He also shared that Stan’s physical appearance has not changed at all for years ?! ” I knew him for over .. years he hasn’t changed physically at all and he never sleeps always works making toys!”.
He showed me photos with Stan together for over xx years ago !!! And as far as I could tell he had not changed at all in fact at the restaurant he was wearing the same jaket and shoes !
For real?!
Finally during our meeting as Stan was describing his “dream world” or actually Stan’s reality – time just lapsed – we had been at the restaurant for over few hours, but I swear it felt like 10-15 minutes.
Also my iphone and smart watch had both shut down ?!
I know my report may sound crazy, but I’m simply expressing what I saw and felt.
I’m not the type of person that believes in extra terrestrial life forms, however Stan is either superhuman or not from this planet.
After this encounter and based on what I saw “the toys” I will seriously concider the possibility of alien life forms or superhumans.
I called my friend yesterday to express this possibility and he thinks I’m paranoid – lol
“Stan is eccentric inventor that’s all if he is hiding things why would he allow his patents to be public?”
Well I looked through his patents using the Google search engine and guess what, none of the things I saw were mentioned in the patents I saw.

So do aliens or super humans exist ? Stan is one of them.
Don’t know hope this report is useful to somebody.

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