UFO Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on September 11th 2015 – Ce-5 encounter. With video.

I reached meditative state for only the 4th time, I was in deep meditation, and attempting to invite and vector in et’s. I had the feeling they were coming from Alaska. I awakened and went outside and looked NW towards Alaska. I saw what I thought were ufos, off in that direction, as you can here me say in the video. However I realized quickly they were white birds flying in a circular pattern, and the sun was reflecting off of them, making it look like they were shinning and disappearing when they turned. Regardless I filmed for a bit, I could not figure out what kind of birds they were. At the end of the video, I look up because a bird flew right over my head. I only filmed for 1 minute. Nothing seemed to happen. Later that night I went to show my mom the birds. Curious as to what kind that were. So I watch the film, to my surprise I see NO BIRDS AT ALL!!??!! for the entire minute you see NO BIRDS ?! Not even the one that flew 15 feet over me head at the end of the clip. But if you look closely from 10-14 seconds you will see an orb appear on the right side of the screen above the tree. Then it makes some weird movements in front of the tree, and shoots downward off the camera. Also another orb is seen near the very end of the video, at the bottom of the screen, it seems to be accelerating away from the camera.?! What a strange first contact!! I believe an entity edited the birds oitvif my video, then appeared to say hi, and confirm his actions. It’s not overwhelming. But the facts are quite interesting, and life changing to me.

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