UFO Sighting in New York, New York on September 22nd 2015 – 16 “black dots” moving fast, ejecting themselves, piercing the clouds.

I was watching a webcam live video streaming, showing NYC Skyline from
One WTC to below, and the left Hudson river side as seen by NJ.
At 9:35, I saw a black “thing” descending from the left, steering down
left approximately at One WTC’s 3/4 of height.
Then, at 9:36, center position, a black “dot” appears and seems to exits
from another one that was hovering and moves to the right side of the
shot; while moving, a third one, by the left, appears shortly and moves the same way. Seems like it enters the hovering thing without showing itself and then exits with showing.
Then there were other things moving left to right and even right to left with ascending.

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