Black Triangle Sighting in Belleair, Florida on November 23rd 2015 – Object was not noticed until I reviewed taken photos.

I was working in Santa Rosa Beach on the 23rd of November when I saw a view of the Gulf that I thought looked beautiful. I quickly took 4-5 photos and went about my day. Later when I looked at the photos I noticed something black on the horizon. When I zoomed in I was shocked to find a triangle shaped object with 3 prominent black dots in the corners. When I zoomed in I saw the same object, except that the shape had significantly changed in each photo. Each photo was taken within a minute of the others. I thought at first maybe it was a parasailer but it was way too far out and there was absolutely no hint of color. This is a military town with Hurlburt Field being a Special Forces training site. And Eglin Air Force Base being one of the largest in the country. I have been here for 15 years scene the areas they fly and what they look like and I had never seen something like that.

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