UFO Sighting in Boyd, Minnesota on November 24th 2015 – Woke up noticed a bright light went outside to look

At 4am I woke and couldn’t get back to sleep. Frustrated I looked out my window to the east and noticed a bright light. I decided to get dressed and go look closer. Using my star app it seems I saw Jupiter or Mars. Then I decided to look at the moon and watch the stars since I was already outside, hoping it would make me tired. The temperature was 27degrees, a bit chilly with a slight wind coming from the east. I stood behind my garden shed to block the breeze and then decided to play with my phone camera and photograph the moon, since it was so clear out. Only a few high thin clouds. I propped my phone up on a post and took multiple photos. Upon reviewing them I noticed a blue round light near the moon which appears to have moved from above the moon to the right hand side then it blurs out. All the photos were taken within seconds of each other. Not sure what it was but neat anyhow.

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