UFO Sighting in garden grove, California on November 24th 2015 – bright lights in a square pattern moving quickly and erraticly

I was at the bus stop at the intersection of Westminster and Euclid waiting for the Northbound Euclid bus when I noticed some strange lights in the shape of a square. My bus stop is directly under the flight path of incoming commercial and private planes heading toward John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, so I am used to seeing planes and helicopters fly over. What caught my attention was the fact that the object stopped very abruptly in mid air and then went back the way it came. I also noticed that none of the lights were blinking, and I know that planes and helicopters have blinking lights. There was another witness which was a young man that showed up on a skateboard a few minutes before I saw the object. When I first sighted the object, I asked him if he could see it and he said that he could. We both watched the object for a few minutes, which would hover, then fly very quickly towards us and then away, then it would wobble from side to side. It then descended very quickly in the area between Euclid and Taft. I looked at the young man and said “I don’t know what that was.” After a few more minutes, it ascended again and performed the same manuevers, and then once again descended to the same spot as before. I don’t know if it actually landed or not, but I told the young man that I thought it was an RC toy, to which he agreed. The object did not show up again. I still don’t know if it was an RC toy or not, but it was interesting to watch.

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