UFO Sighting in Terrace, British Columbia on November 25th 2015 – Three bright lights descended upon vehicle made an approach then ascended.

Driving home I noticed three bright lights in the sky, interested in what they were I stopped to take a picture. Upon stopping and taking one picture I was stunned when the lights descended and approached the vehicle…at this point I dropped my phone and began driving fearing for my life. After coming within 100 feet of the vehicle the disc shaped object emitting the yellow orange and blue lights then took off into the sky and was not seen again. As soon as I had cell service I frantically called my husband in a panic and told him of the event in tears and still fearing for my life. This is not something that will ever be forgotten, and has definitely changed my perspective on such reports as this. THe only photo i managed to get is poor quality but the object can be seen below the full moon, and light can be seen on the ground below the craft, above where my headlights were shining.

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