Metallic oval object makes curved trajectory.

Has a 14 year old boy taken 13 photos of a genuine UFO in 8 seconds.?


Did the oval-shaped, metallic object move two miles closer to them in just a second, or are there two objects? That is the question the witnesses asked themselves regarding their Missouri sighting on June 8, 2014, in Case 57046.
Approximately an hour before sunset at 7:40 p.m. (CDT), it was the setting sun that was responsible for this UFO sighting and rare daytime photographs. The three witnesses, a mother and her two sons, were heading home, traveling southeast on I-270 toward the Jefferson Barracks Bridge – which connects Missouri to Illinois and spans the Mississippi River in south St. Louis County.
Case 57046: Metallic oval object makes curved trajectory – Mufon
Top UFO Cases | 2014 Annual Report – Mufon

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Hi guys, just came across this MUFON report. [It is from last year, so it may be old news to you, but can’t find a thread on it]..and thought that it was (imo) a good enough report to share and ask if you guys thought that the object in the picture was a genuine ‘Flying Saucer’…or something a little more mundane? :suspicious:


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