UFO Sighting in Boomer, North Carolina on November 24th 2015 – caught on google earth 2015 while searching for hunting spots.

I was on google earth looking for deer activity near a friends farm that we hunt at and I was on street view google earth and was traveling down Beaver Creek Rd, Boomer NC and I saw something strange just before the curve in the road. I pointed view up above tree line and saw a redish pink object, bell shaped with it’s own vapor trails swirling below object.

I took my phone down to my parents to show them what google earth caught. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We called the news desk of Fox News, Charlotte NC and the man was walked through google earth and was not understanding that his view would be from other side of the road curve which is looking into the sun and all he could see is sun in his eyes. He dismissed it and wouldn’t reverse view from the opposite angle. It is before the curve before you get to the farm house which should be on the left and above the pine tree line to the right. If you zoom you can see a door or some type of symbol or hatch???

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