UFO Sighting in Colton, California on June 1st 2004 – Awsome blue small light that wiggled up from hill that grew from the size of a golfball to the size of the moon blink ofan eye and shot out just as fast

I was driving south on pallmeto ave when I noticed an awsome blue light wiggling up from over the Colton cement factory wich is three or four miles from where I was ,this blue light after not going to high in the sky after hovering for just a few seconds grew to at least 1000 times it’s size and shot off at a horizontal angle as fast as the blink of an eye I will never forget it ,it was an awesome unbelievable site I hope you believe me they are out there it was real oh and I found a hole in the ground that has no bottom if you wanna see it or hear about it you can call me (760) 792–0087 my name is Jason votruba

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