UFO Sighting in Vancouver, Washington on November 26th 2015 – watched light / object move in striaghtline, stop and hover, change direction then go straight up until it could no longer be seen

stepped out onto front porch, noticed a yellowish / burnt orange light moving from my NE in a Southernly direction in the sky. my girlfriend asked me “what is that? is that a plane?” i answered no as most planes that i see have red / green / white lites that flash. continued to observe the light which after about 45 seconds +- stopped moving, it remained motionless for approx 30 sec +-, though it seemed to backtrack for just a moment. it then started moving in what seemed to be a 90 degrees from its original line of travel in a westernly direction. it moved approx 5 – 10 degrees across the sky then stopped and started rising until it was no longer visible. the whole thing lasted for approx 3mn+-

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