UFO Sighting in Worthing, on November 30th 2001 – While walking back from shop late night with my children we noticed a star that was too large & very bright,I pointed at it & it moved faster than anything I ever saw move.

Myself & my daughter & baby son had this strange experience back in 2001,we had to go out to the local late night shop because I realised that I had run out of nappies for the baby.Whilst walking back home after just catching the shop which closed at 11pm,we were walking past Northbrook college & I looked up pointing out the stars to my daughter as it was a very cold & clear night,we spotted one that seemed massive & brighter than the others & I pointed it out to my daughter;just as I ponted at it the star/light suddenly moved across the sky faster than anything I ever saw move!I said to her wow did you see that?that was no star was it!My daughter said Mum look up above our heads & to my amazement there was this massive,gigantic object rectangular in shape & jet black but absolutely covered in multi coloured lights which appeared to be pulsating & changing colour constantly.This thing was gigantic I really cannot emphasise that enough,I mean like three football pitches in length.The underneath reminded me of a gigantic chessboard really as the extremely large number of lights were all in squares but as I said pulsating & changing colour all the time.I could see some kind of shapes sticking out above the rectangle base a bit like turrets or arms sticking out.I was transfixed looking at the object in fascination to start with but then quickly became very afraid & felt an overwhelming need to get my children away from this object & get back home.I remember telling my daughter to hold on to the handle of her brothers pram & run faster with me than she had ever run before.I was too afraid to look back & I do not remember the journey home at all,which is odd when I think about it now the next thing I can remember is being outside my front door & shaking with fear so much that I could not get my door key into the lock.When I got back indoors I realised with a shock that it was about 12.20am & that journey from the shop to my house should only have taken 20 – 25 minutes maximum;I had left the shop at about 11.05pm.But then I am not sure how long I stood gazing at the craft above our heads for but not long probably because we were very afraid!I should have reported this ages ago probably but my life went into a few problems soon after this sighting happened,it was only when I told my Dad about it that rather than laughing as I had thought he might he got quite serious &said this must be reported as I think it sounds like a real UFO sighting.

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