UFO Sighting in Hendersonville, North Carolina on November 25th 2015 – Four successively descending bright objects in roughly the same area of the sky.

I was getting off work and was looking at a very beautiful sunset standing in the small parking lot of my employer. In a south westerly direction I observed a light seen above a cloud. It slowly began to descend (or go behind) the cloud and was no longer visible to me. I continued to look in that direction. Shortly after (possibly thirty seconds to a minute later) another light appeared in almost exactly the same place. The light faded in from a blue sky. It took two to three seconds to fade in. It was in motion while it faded in. Like the previous object, it was also near the cloud and was moving “down.” Due to parallax it could be moving either down or southwesterly. It’s uncertain to me. The descent was slow. It covered roughly 3 angular degrees in five to seven seconds in it’s observed flight path. It disappeared behind the cloud. Then a third light was observed in the almost exactly the same location. It was observed to do basically the same thing. I hurriedly went inside to tell someone what I saw. They came outside. They did not see anything and went back inside. I stood in the parking lot for another few minutes and saw the fourth light. It was in the same place and did almost exactly what the other three lights did (slowly descend behind a cloud.) I stayed outside for a few more minutes. Shorly after, a small aircraft flew overhead. It had a light on it that was white. The light was periodic and gradual like a sine wave. The light on the plane seemed to repeat every three seconds from off to on and back again. It also had a smaller strobe light. As it flew over me I could hear it’s propeller engine. It was travelling from north to south and flew below cloud cover over me about 50 degrees from the horizon. It was probably less than a mile away.

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