Rover Finds Mysterious Dome on Mars

While I seriously doubt it is what it looks like, this is a genuine photo from NASA and the Jet Propulsion lab.


Holy Buckminster Fuller! Is that a dome on the surface of Mars? A photograph taken by the Opportunity Rover shows what appears to be a dome or dome-topped structure on the Martian surface. Is it real? What is it made of? Does this mean Martians have a football team?
The pictures were taken on Sol 4073 (Martian Day 4073 or 2015-07-10 UTC on Earth) by the Opportunity rover’s panoramic camera (Pancam). The structure is easy to spot as it sits forward on a hill and is the largest raised formation in the area. Its isolation and surface – which appears to be different than the surrounding rocks and soil – makes it look like it doesn’t belong in the natural layout of the area. If it’s not natural, what is it?

Rover Finds Mysterious Dome on Mars | Mysterious Universe

Link to NASA source… Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Multimedia: All Raw Images: Opportunity: Panoramic Camera: Sol 4073

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