UFO Sighting in Coxhoe, on November 28th 2015 – Large object refracting light in the sky appeared static, when filmed could be seen flitting about very quickly and changing shape

I was walking home from a friends after a night out at 7am, I saw a large bright object in the sky which appeared static and seemed to be refracting a large amount of light from an unknown source. I returned to my friends house to ask him to look at the object with me, he said it was probably the international space station and told me to forget about it. I made my way back home again and it hadn’t moved by the time I got home. I opened my back door to film the object which still appeared stationary and large in the sky. As soon as I took the video I okayed it back but what I saw on the camera was completely different to what I could see in the sky. The large object appeared much smaller and was darting about in random directions very quickly. It seemed to change shape as it did so. It still appeared static when observed by the naked eye. Around 45 minutes later it slowly flew out of sight.

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