UFO Sighting in Kalama, Washington on September 26th 2015 – Stopped 15 sec. to take a landscape photo and saw an object in the picture a day later.

I was hunting 25 miles east of I five east of Kalama Washington I stopped to take a random at landscape picture and a day later I looked at the pictures and noticed a weird object in the right third of the frame above the Elk Creek drainage. I stopped my vehicle for 10 seconds to take the picture and drove off I heard no sound so no activity. I work in the woods and have not seen any objects like this I thought it may be a raven or a birthday balloon but it appears to be too big at that distance. It may be possible that it is a drone but it does not resemble anything I’ve ever seen and that is 25 miles out in the woods on private timberlands that requires a permit to access. If possible please provide me some feedback I am interested in what this object maybe. I do not have a Latin long for this location but I have provided the legal description section township and range in the Willamette meridian.

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