UFO Sighting in Mississippi on November 26th 2015 – Picture was taken of sunset and green orb appeared in picture

I have a few pictures I took that have a green circle in them. It was a picture of the sunset on a dead lake. In the trees surrounding the lake, there was a single green circle. Then when I took a panorama of the same area of the lake there were two green circles that were visible when you zoomed in on the picture. I didn’t see anything just looking at the spot where the circles appeared, but I also wasn’t looking. I didn’t notice the circles in the pictures until the next day, and I haven’t had a chance to go back. I’ve been researching stuff, and I found a picture very similar to mine that was taken on a cruise ship. The same green circle was in that picture except it was on the water. I also found a lot of things on the internet that say it could be an orb? Like a spirit orb. Or it could be just how the light reflected in that picture and be nothing.

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