UFO Sighting in Proctorville, Ohio on November 27th 2015 – object noticed after the fact in pictures taken of sunrise.

I was up early seeing my husband off to work. The colors of the sunrise were beautiful and I snapped a few pictures with the camera on my phone. When I looked at them later, I noticed a green shape in several of the pictures. I did not visualize any object at the time and don’t have any idea what it is, if anything. I am submitting because I found the shape and path interesting .

This area is close to the Ohio River but I did not hear a barge nor do I recall noticing any aircraft noise. There is also a small airport across the river on the WV side.

This is worthy of mention because,as a navigable waterway, I have seen lights from the barges look odd during low cloud ceilings.

The pictures are submitted in the sequence they were taken , 6:58-6:59 a.m. 11/2715.

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