UFO Sighting in Sun City, Arizona on November 28th 2015 – I observed what appeared to be a flame in the sky.

I was on my back patio that faces south. I saw and orange glow in the sky and thought it unusual. It appeared to be approximately over the Arizona Cardinals Stadium, which is in the Sky Harbor Airport flight path. The plane traffic I observed after this event was moving in the opposite direction. I grabbed my cell phone and attempted to get video of the object. It was orange and cone shaped moving south to north. I would describe it as looking like an orange natural gas flame, with the smallest part of the flame at the bottom. I lost it behind my neighbor’s house, so I went around my house and saw that it had changed direction and was heading east following Peoria Ave. I went in the house to show my friend and when we went outside, it was gone. I have video.

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