UFO Sighting in Winthrop, Washington on June 30th 1980 – Methow Valley, WA Abduction

WHEN: middle of the day, during Spring or Summer of 1980 (approx)
WHERE: next to Methow River, next to a natural spring, near the end of Wilson Rd., due South of Winthrop, WA in Yakima County.
WHO: I was about 11 years old
WHAT: I was taking a walk around this area when I suddenly awoke, on the ground, in a clearing a small distance from where I was last. It was over an hour later.
During this elapsed time I remember speaking with an entity in the spot where I woke up.. The entity was humanoid, adult sized, and was white. I believe there was another, shorter one behind it. It was not a ghost. It had physicality to it. I do not recall what we spoke about.
There was a great brightness behind and/or above the entities. It was a very white light.
During the event I primarily felt at peace, with some small part of me feeling upset. After the event I had a peaceful/fearful feeling for the area in which I awoke. I also was baffled by the missing time because I had difficulty remembering and believing my experience with the entities.

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