Alien Encounter in Morpeth, on August 7th 2013 – Alien beings in my house

I have had several meetings. The last two were in my house. The first was about 5am summer. I had made a cup of tea and taken it back to bed. A large entity glided into my room, looked at me and then glided backwards out of the room. I was really frightened…but woke up later to apparently have drank the tea and gone to sleep. I can’t believe this as I was so frightened and also can’t remember drinking the tea. The second I had gone to bed, I felt anxious for some reason and couldn’t get to sleep. I felt a need to look to the side…tried to resist…but looked. There was a grey (but with a bulbous head) crouching by my bed. I screamed and tried to sit up ( more reaction I think than choice), and it jumped at me and pressed me down. It had strong legs and fingers. Almost frog like. I can’t remember anything until I woke in the morning. Is it possible to talk to someone about this please. Thank you xxx

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