UFO Crash Site Puzzles Motorists

UFO Crash Site Puzzles Motorists

By ewn.co.za

     JOHANNEBSURG – UFO sightings. Strange lights in the sky. Unexplained crash sites. Could it all just be coincidence … or were there aliens in Sandton?

Well, as it turns out there is a more plausible explanation for some of the odd occurrences in and around Johannesburg’s business district.

One of EWN’s intrepid alien hunters (read “journalist”) did some digging and in true sci-fi style found a folder with the words “Top Secret” stamped on it. She knew she’d found something important.

Okay, that didn’t really happen. But we did speak to food producer FutureLife which says a UFO landing at the corner of Sandton Drive and William Nicol was in fact the big reveal for its new energy drink. […]

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