UFO Sighting in Cascade, Idaho on November 25th 2015 – two orbs came out of ball of energy

I was out on my porch on 11-26-15 watching this massive ball of energy changing size,shape,color, moving up and down a couple times it would spiral upward like it was showing off ? it seemed to get closer and then two orbs came out of it headed for me, I went inside to grab coat gloves hat I thought I was going for a ride not scared at all? so I went back out and they the orbs were just hanging out when I would flash my light at it it would flash back ,I walked around the yard and the would move so as to be in sight like they were following me around, it seemed to be higher then the clouds would be but closer then the moon.. well it is now the 1st of December six days later every evening this orb shows up.. in what seems to be are common meeting place around dusk 6:30pm and on and yes I flash it with flashlight it flashes back and moves around as if to follow me…I expect to see the little fella tonight 12-1-15 , to much to talk about ,3 or 4 weeks before this ive been getting messages from a unknown I address him as lyrics ? would love to tell the story to much to wright I don’t care what you think of me believe me I didn’t think I was suppose to say anything about this but lyrics said it was ok so their you go Thankyou for listing

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