UFO Sighting in Evanston, Illinois on December 2nd 2015 – Craft 1: Bright white diamond shaped light, stationary. Craft 2: Also diamond-shaped, changed from white to red after passing first craft

I was walking my dog across from Calvary Cemetery along Lake Michigan at 9:35 p.m. Saw a bright light in the sky offshore. I remember thinking “how pretty, looks like the star of Bethlehem.” Upon closer examination, it was actually four lights in a diamond pattern, each glowing at the same intensity. Lots of airplanes in sky at the same time, maybe four or five as the cemetery is on the approach to runway 22N at O’Hare (hubby is a pilot). This did not look like a plane, it looked kind of like the Pleides, only much brighter and a bit bigger (and besides the Pleides has seven stars with only six usually visible). This was really very bright. It was completely stationary. Another dimmer diamond moved north to south toward the first diamond. It wasn’t as bright. But when it “passed” the first diamond (about 2-3 degrees underneath, difficult to estimate speed), it changed color to bright red and kept going. It wasn’t a plane, nor was it a helicopter. We have those frequently (we are on the flight path between two major trauma centers). These things made no sound, and the bright white one hovered for at least 10 – 15 minutes. Another person came walking along and I pointed it out to her. Just then a cloud covered it, but you could still see the lights for another minute or two and then the cloud completely covered it. Helicopters sometimes show four lights (usually only three) and their lights are more “linear;” they also have a green and/or red light to indicate port and starboard. This thing looked like a diamond on a playing card, very precisely spaced lights at each corner. And it never moved or changed shape, just disappeared when the clouds covered it. I felt awe when I saw it and was happy when another person came along and saw it also. Hope this helps. Call me if you want more info.

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