UFO Sighting in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh on December 1st 2015 – It was of a size of a stadium. Hovering over the city for more than 2 hours.

Weather yesterday was quiet unpleasant there was a massive hurricane in the city but suddenly around 4 p.m. This huge figure appeared in the sky out of nowhere. If u closely observe the image u’ll find that the electricity pole is been damaged due to an accident.. I can’t say that the accident took place because of driver’s eyes were in the sky or some other reason but this huge disc shaped ufo kept hovering at nearly 500ft above the sky for more than 2 hours.. Then afterwards it flew away.. And I thought it’ll be a huge debate in media and news.. But astonishingly there was no coverage at all.. Hope you guys find out if it’s a real ufo or not.. Bcoz scientists say it’s a cloud pattern..

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