UFO Sighting in Rayville, Missouri on December 2nd 2015 – Observed large object with a row of flashing lights that disappeared as if cloaked.

Leaving for work at 6 am, on pulling out of my drive and looking west, in the sky I observed a large object with a row of flashing lights. Now this object was in the sky where small planes would fly, not very high, but it filled up 1/3 of my windshield.It was massive, I watched it as it headed in a straight line west, but all of a sudden it disappeared. It didn’t accelerate or zoom off it just disappeared. Its December no tree leaves to get in the way or block the view. I’m not sure what I saw, but my father was a avid plane watcher, we spent a lot of time doing this. I live 35 miles NE of Kansas city Mo this was not in the normal flght approach for KCI, most off those are coming and going behind my home. We see military flights out of Whiteman AFB all the time, this didn’t fit anything from there either. I was raised to be open minded, but this left me feeling rather apprehensive and afraid. I can’t help but wonder if anyone else saw this.

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