UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on October 20th 2012 – first I saw the craft at 7PM over my head about 100 miles up

The first time I saw the craft in Payson, Arizona it Blinked several times. I was camping out. The next night at the same time again. this was 2012. I left for Tucson, Arizona and was camping near the Delso Casino and I saw it again at the same time 7:00PM in two nights. The third night I was at the Casino (just walking in the door and I was paged that I won a contest. As I was walking to the casino desk to get my prize someone said “well there you are”. When I got my prize it was 1800 dollars in casino money. That night I won over 5000 dollars. I was relaxing and had a glass of beer when I heard a mans voice say “I hope that helps”. I could not see the person. However there were two beautiful women with him that were in body suits.

This year 2015 they are telling me things about Atlantics and have given me the Lon/lat of Atlantics location in the North Sea

Your site is the only I will give this info to as I know that they are going to be upset with me. I also know that they have been around me my whole life. They are human looking. I have been taken most of my life.

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